Vitiligo disappeared- vitiligo concealer liquid help you
vitiligo concealer lets white spot dispersed.

Mythcover is a new type of Vitiligo concealer liquid developed by Mythcover International Ltd. It has high-quality features such as waterproof, long-lasting, realistic effect, and no need to remove makeup. Mythcover International is a high-tech company focused on covering skin blemishes, focusing on the research of “second skin”. Mythcover, born for beauty, come for love!

Mythcover, born for beauty, come for love!

Vitiligo coverage specialist

New concealer liquid –totally new technology without of powder of make-up color

  • Instantly coverage
  • Natural color development
  • Long lasting for 3-7 days
  • No needing to remove makeup
  • Waterproof, sweat proof,
  • Breathable and wear-resistant
  • Match all skin tones and conditions

Want to let Vitiligo disappear- Let Mythcover vitiligo concealer liquid help you.