Mythcover Vitiligo Cosmetic Camouflage Liquid, Cover appearance of Skin Depigmentation, Natural-Durable-Waterproof, Makeup Cover Waterproof, Sweatproof, Keep 3-7days, No need to remove up, Used on face, hands, leg and body

White spot such as vitiligo spot, scar is like the black spot, freckle, and Ance, it is just a different color spot, and we just need to cover it like cover the black spot, freckle and acne, and let ourselves look more perfect and beauty and more confident. There are not any prejudice and discrimination.

Mythcover white spot coverage liquid, it can be remarkable effect, it will bring you an extraordinary experience.
• Full skin tone Suitable: all kind of skin tone who with vitiligo, white spot, white scar skin
• INSTANT COVERAGE, REPIGMENTATION –Forms covering color instantly upon application, and can go out as soon as you apply it
• LONG LASTING WATERPROOF and SWEATPROOF – Forms a waterproof covering after 5 hours and that won’t fade easily even after washing with water
• 3-7DAYS LONG-LASTING COVERAGE – Waterproof coverage remains for 3-7 days once created coverage
• Natural color development
• BREATH FREELY – No powder, no clogging of pores, no needing to remove make up
• ANTI-FRICTION- Long-lasting coverage, not easy to rub, not stain clothes
• EASY TO USE – just according to the degree of your skin tone, then use this product to cover the vitiligo, white spot; deep skin tone, then more liquid or more smear times; light skin tone, then less liquid or less smear times.