Face Concealer Liquid

High performance face vitiligo concealer liquid meets dermatologist standards.
Discover our best face vitiligo concealer liquids and foundations for every skin type and condition, from white to darken skin tone, lasting 3-7days, nature color, no needing remove up, fitting for different skin tone.

Our face concealer Liquid can affect to cover the vitiligo on face, neck, limbs, torso (except the back of the hand & foot). 

Mythcover vitiligo concealer liquid features:
Totally liquid technology and without of powder of make-up color.
  • instantly coverage
  • natural color development
  • long lasting for 3-7 days
  • no needing to remove makeup
  • waterproof
  • sweat proof
  • breathable and wear-resistant
  • without of powder of make-up color.
Remarkable Effect